2004-01-12 PocketPC version
2005-03-19 caption added to a movie

Voice Recognition and Controll Movie(WMV format, 1.9MegaByte)

[PocketPC] + [WirelessLAN Adapter] <<<---Wireless--->>> [WirelessLAN convertor] + [Relay Controllr]

I made "Conversation software for PocketPC".

It developed using Voice recognition SDK(Software Development Kit).
My words are written in into software as TEXT-A.

Execute software:
The words which talked to PocketPC are analyzed and set to TEXT-B.
A wav file(KITT's voice) will be sounded when TEXT-A and TEXT-B are in agreement.
If Word is "window open", send a [Relay ON command] to Relay Controller.
Relay controller is turn on a power window switch.